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From the heart: Ted Hsu has the qualities we should want in a leader

I’m not cynical about politics because I know Ted Hsu, Rob Baker writes
Rob Baker and Ted Hsu.

I’m not a politician. Just an ordinary voter. 

It’s very easy to be cynical about politics and politicians. In fact, many voters stayed home in the last election. 

We’ve all seen too many leaders who just want the spotlight. They love to win at all costs. And if their memes get them elected, then they immediately turn to the next election and staying in power. This has nothing to do with good governance. It has nothing to do with serving the people. 

But I’m not cynical about politics because I know Ted Hsu. And, Ted Hsu is not that kind of politician. 

Ted’s a deeply ethical, highly principled man with an absolutely ferocious intelligence, driven by a deep commitment to a cleaner, more equitable society for all Ontarians. 

For example, he left the financial world to work in sustainable energy and then ran for election to help people. It’s no easy gig being a politician these days. 

Ted’s also the rare sort of politician that can rise above the fray. He’s in it in spite of the fray. He’s there to make positive change and raise the level of discourse and respect in our political system. You won’t see him taking cheap shots. He criticizes his opponents firmly and fairly. 

Ted is the embodiment of the qualities we should want in a leader: intelligent, experienced, a great listener, humble, and above all compassionate. 

In my head, and in my heart, I know it’s time for a fresh start. Ontario will be a better place governed by a Liberal Party led by Ted Hsu. 

Rob Baker is a member of The Tragically Hip and co-chair of the Ted Hsu campaign

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